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Running Strong


My son running on the beach, enjoy the time you have with them when they are little you blink and they are all grown up. Keep running strong my son.

Love Dad.


Fall a Glorious Season

Canadian Geese

Fall A Glorious Season – Canadian Geese

Thanks giving weekend here in Canada allowed time for a walk in the park and the opportunity to capture the beginnings of a glorious season. When we hear the call of the Canadian geese overhead we know that it’s either spring or fall. In either case it is beautiful.

Reflections at Sunset

Reflections at Sunset

Reflections at Sunset

A sunset tends to make me stop and reflect on the day, a good time for soulful meditation. This image captures that feeling for me.

Sunset – Fire in the Sky

Gazebo at Dusk

Gazebo at Dusk

Gazebo at Dusk

[Click to see a larger version]

Was on my way to drop off my son at hockey yesterday and we had a little time to kill so we pulled in to a local park and started to take photos. This was a real good time for both of us as we took turns taking photographs. The light was great the weather was warm and I was with my son, how cool is that. I also took a few portraits of him that mom loved.

Here is one of the photos I took, I especially loved how the tress were budding with white flowers and the setting sun poking through the trees.

Using a Canon 550D with a telephoto lens 70-300.

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