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Cobourg Marina, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Cobourg Marina

What a beautiful day at the Cobourg beach, weather was perfect the beach was not too crowded. Spent the day walking the beach and Cobourg Marina taking photos. All in all this was one of the best days of the summer (so far). Sat on the pier to watch the sail boats drift by, nice quite moment spent there with my dad.


Going to Work

Shelter in the Storm Photo Walk

Cities, Old Vs New

Old Vs New

Old Vs New

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On my way to work today I noticed that there is a contrast of architecture. Not sure how I feel about all the new glass towers I see growing out of the ground. I may be a little nostalgic and like the older buildings their construction was solid and their spaces grand. The new buildings seem to be designed with only functionality in mind. Well that is my two cents for the day.

I managed to dig out my old Canon Powershot SD500, that is what I have in my pocket. This camera has had some fun adventures however I think it maybe time for a new one. Anyone have any suggestions for a small pocket camera one that allows for advanced settings like aperture and shutter priority?

Toronto Panorama

Toronto Panorama

This was taken from a roof top building on a cold winter night, 3 photos stitched together. If you would like to know who to how to stitch photos together here is a link to a great tutorial using Photoshop. Stitching Photos in Photoshop