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Oshawa teen takes life-changing trip to Africa

This is not my usual post however it is a great story. My son went on a mission trip this summer to Africa and a local news paper picked up on in.

OSHAWA — An Oshawa teen who went on a life-changing mission to Africa over the summer is now taking his whole family with him on a mission to Mexico over the Christmas holidays. 

Sixteen-year-old David Parent left Oshawa on July 7 on a mission to Zambia, returning on Aug. 2 with a completely different view of the world…[read the full article here]


Oshawa teen takes life-changing trip to Africa. OSHAWA — David Parent, 16, travelled to Africa over the summer with a company called Global Expedition. He is taking a group of family and friends on mission trip to Mexico at the end of December. December 4, 2012. Ryan Pfeiffer / Metroland

Oshawa teen takes life-changing trip to Africa


Tossing the Bouquet in 3, 2, 1

Playing in Post Silhouette

Street King

Street King

Street King

While setting up for a family shoot I took a test shot of this teen on the bench. I love how all the elements have come together here, the ball cap, skateboard and him just hanging around being natural. To be honest I was just shooting to check my light levels. I don’t think he was expecting that we had begun. So both of us are at ease here.

Serendipity strikes again.

Flower Girl – Inspection

Flower Girl

Flower Girl

Caught this moment as the bridal party was lining up to enter the reception hall. I am not sure who was more excited about the wedding the flower girl or the bride. 🙂

Our dog Jenny – Update

Our dog Jenny

Our dog Jenny

Jenny is adapting very well since we took her home from the rescue. She has mastered the stairs and is showing great progress with walking on tile and wood flooring. She is still is easily scared, however she has begun to play. Jenny has even begun to bark and we are thrilled. She has really bonded with my wife, so much so that if I try to take her for a walk and Jenny knows that my wife is near she refuses to leave the house without my wife.

Jenny is finding her inner puppy.

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Prepping for Prom

Preparing for Prom

Preparing for Prom

I was recently asked by a friend to take some photos for a Prom event. While I was setting up and the boys were making last minute adjustments I took this photo. On this occasion my flash did not cycle and did not fire. I ended up with a really dark image. I did like what I had and began to play with the image in LightRooom and this is what I turned a bad shot in to.

I like the lighting effect.

Onward Together

Consider the Future

Consider the Future – Onward Together

Even if the sun refused to shine
Even if romance ran out of rhyme
You would still have my heart
Till the end of time

To the world
You are one person
But to this person
You are the world

The Concept of Wedding

Concept of Wedding

Concept of Wedding – [click to view larger image]

Both of these were taken as part of a class that I am taking. As I was waiting to take a turn shooting our happy copule, I started to play with the my camera. I then changed my persecutive as well as my focus and came up with these two shots. I did a little editing in LightRoomwhere I changed the saturation and vibrance levels.

Dearly Beloved - the Wedding

Dearly Beloved – the Wedding – [click to view larger image]

The end result was that these were not part of our assignment however these were more for me. I am learning to use a shorter lens thanks to a good friend of mine Ann. You can see her work at

Thanks Ann for helping me.

Mirror Mirror (the Portrait)

Mirror Mirror (the Portrait)

Mirror Mirror (the Portrait) [to see a larger version click image]

I took this shot of my sister in-law as she was doing the dishes. She has a mirror over her sink that allows her to still see and engage with visitors who are there. I though this would make an interesting portrait, so I waited for her to look at herself in the mirror. I bounced a flash off the wall to the left however, her kitchen is a bright yellow wich made everything look yellow so I muted the colors a little.

Mirror Mirror (the Portrait BW)

Mirror Mirror (the Portrait BW) [to see a larger version click image]

Then this morning I started to play with the photo in black & white and added a little vignetting (dark oval border) to the photo. For a good explanation about vignetting click here. I like sometimes leaving an image for a day or so then come back to it and continue editing, its like seeing it again with new eyes.

Have a great weekend everyone.