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Dark Skies

Trains in HDR

HDR Trains

Trains in HDR click to see a larger version

I was visiting French Lick Indiana and came across some restored trains. They have a great train station setup there a great place for taking photos. I walked around the station, climbed on the trains and look in to these restored train cars. I saw the colors of the train cars along with the contrasting sky. I figured that this would be a nice HDR (High Dynamic Range) photo.

I then combined and processed the photos using Photomatix. In this case I went with a more painterly effect, as I wanted to get that old time classic station feel.

If you are looking to create your own HDR photos here is a really great HDR Tutorial where I first learned how.

Please feel free to leave me your comments or critiques.

Don’t baby your equipment

I know that camera equipment is expensive however sometimes you may want to risk a little. Here is a photo from a recent trip I took on a local trail. I wanted to try an HDR of this little waterfall I found. I shot it from several angles before actually getting into the stream. Using a tripod placed in the water, I set the camera up about 6 inches above the water, aiming the camera up the falls. Set my bracketing to take 7 pictures at different exposures. I did hold on to the camera strap incase the current wanted to pull my setup away.

Got home and did the post processing with Photomatix. All in all not a bad way to spend the day.

Yeah I did get my feet a little wet but it was a great experience.