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Prepping for Prom

Preparing for Prom

Preparing for Prom

I was recently asked by a friend to take some photos for a Prom event. While I was setting up and the boys were making last minute adjustments I took this photo. On this occasion my flash did not cycle and did not fire. I ended up with a really dark image. I did like what I had and began to play with the image in LightRooom and this is what I turned a bad shot in to.

I like the lighting effect.


Portraits in the Park

Mike Shaw: Sadness In The Eyes Of A Stranger

This is a post from Mike Shaw one of many photographers on Google+. Mike is one of the most poetic photographers I have found online.What I like about his work is that he usually will include a small story about the person in the photo. His photos look as if he captures the persons soul, his images really come alive. He has a great blend of sadness, hope, joy really the essence of that person all wrapped up in one photo.

 She was selling the Big Issue in Liverpool and been for only 4 months, her “situation” was getting better and she and I hoped it would continue to do so but there is a sadness there. You can see it in the way she holds herself, you can see it in her eyes but its not something she is willing to talk about, you know as she simply calls it her “situation”.

I stood back for a bit and watched as she went about selling her magazines, there are many Big Issue sellers in Liverpool as there are in many of the big cities of the UK. So people just walk by, they look down, they look at their phone, they open the paper that is under their arm or simply ignore her. I did though see those that rushed by glance up at her, each one took a second look, some came back and bought, some looked a little more then carried on. Its hard to look away from someones “situation” when it looks back at you.

Meet more of the people here Mike Shaw