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Here comes the Bride

Here comes the Bride

Here comes the Bride

I love this shot, I managed to capture the Bride as she entered the church. We were two photographers at this wedding, I wanted to capture it from a non traditional point of view. I love how the others are all taking photos of her as she makes her entrance.

I have been really swapped so I am unable to post everyday like I really want, I hope that this is only a season of busyness.


The Concept of Wedding

Concept of Wedding

Concept of Wedding – [click to view larger image]

Both of these were taken as part of a class that I am taking. As I was waiting to take a turn shooting our happy copule, I started to play with the my camera. I then changed my persecutive as well as my focus and came up with these two shots. I did a little editing in LightRoomwhere I changed the saturation and vibrance levels.

Dearly Beloved - the Wedding

Dearly Beloved – the Wedding – [click to view larger image]

The end result was that these were not part of our assignment however these were more for me. I am learning to use a shorter lens thanks to a good friend of mine Ann. You can see her work at

Thanks Ann for helping me.