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Old Montreal at Night

Old Montreal at Night

Old Montreal at Night

Old Montreal is busy when the weather heats up. I like how this shot captures the feeling of the city as people start to emerge from winter hibernation.

I took this photo just after the sun had set. I did not have my tripod with me however I placed the camera on a ledge and set the timer and took this. I usually will carry my tripod as it makes life so much simpler.


St. George’s Memorial Church

 St George's Anglican Church

St George’s Anglican Church, Oshawa Ontario

I love these old buildings and their history. When I was in this church I could not help but stop and wonder about the people and families that attended this church. What were all their stories, their hopes, their lives, who they were the generations etc. Sometimes I wish these buildings could speak to us about all that they have seen.

Here is there web site ( you would like to find out more about this church

Cities, Old Vs New

Old Vs New

Old Vs New

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On my way to work today I noticed that there is a contrast of architecture. Not sure how I feel about all the new glass towers I see growing out of the ground. I may be a little nostalgic and like the older buildings their construction was solid and their spaces grand. The new buildings seem to be designed with only functionality in mind. Well that is my two cents for the day.

I managed to dig out my old Canon Powershot SD500, that is what I have in my pocket. This camera has had some fun adventures however I think it maybe time for a new one. Anyone have any suggestions for a small pocket camera one that allows for advanced settings like aperture and shutter priority?

Wind Mill & Big Sky

Wind Mill & Big Sky

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Took this picture last fall as part of an idea I had for a four seasons project. Unfortunately when I went back I noticed that a new housing development was begin constructed. Still this is a nice memory for me.

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Night Photo Walk Experiment

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While on spring break in French Lick, Indiana. I attempted a nighttime photo walk experiment where attempted some light painting and general nighttime photography. All in all was a great time, I must say I am hooked on night time photography.

As always please feel free to leave me your comments or critiques.

My Vision of the French Lick Springs Hotel

Walking into the French Lick Springs Hotel (French Lick, Indiana) you are struck by an opulent lobby warm, rich in color and an immediate appreciation for the hotel’s history. This hotel was originally built around 1845 and has been restored to what we see to day. Looking around the lobby I was taken in by its architecture. I felt like I was stepping in to a historical painting from long ago. I wanted to reproduce the historical feeling while showing the richness of the lobby. These photos are my interpretation of that concept.

I returned late at night not to disturb other guests and setup my tripod and took a few photos to produce this gallery. Click the gallery Images to see a larger version of the photos.

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Stitched Photo West Baden Springs Hotel

West Baden Springs Hotel

West Baden Springs Hotel

When you visit the West Baden Springs Hotel (West Baden, Indiana) you will find that the atrium is simply breath taking. Especially when you consider that the hotel was constructed in 1902 and is now an American National Historic Landmark. This panoramic view is a sight to see.

So how do you capture all that when you don’t own a fish eye lens? One way to capture this is by using a technique called image stitching or photo stitching. This is a process of combining multiple images together to produce one panoramic image.

To do this correctly you will need to take several images with overlapping areas at a constant exposure setting. I find using a tripod the simplest way to produce several overlapping good quality images. On my walk on this day I left my tripod at the hotel. I stood at the entrance of the atrium and took 3 photos from the same spot, while keeping my feet planted and rotated my body only.

To stitch the photos together best to you a computer program in my case I used Photoshop.

Click here to see a Stitched Photo of the Toronto skyline at night.

To find out more about how to do stitch photography click here

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