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Flower Girl – Inspection

Flower Girl

Flower Girl

Caught this moment as the bridal party was lining up to enter the reception hall. I am not sure who was more excited about the wedding the flower girl or the bride. 🙂


Mirror Mirror (the Portrait)

Mirror Mirror (the Portrait)

Mirror Mirror (the Portrait) [to see a larger version click image]

I took this shot of my sister in-law as she was doing the dishes. She has a mirror over her sink that allows her to still see and engage with visitors who are there. I though this would make an interesting portrait, so I waited for her to look at herself in the mirror. I bounced a flash off the wall to the left however, her kitchen is a bright yellow wich made everything look yellow so I muted the colors a little.

Mirror Mirror (the Portrait BW)

Mirror Mirror (the Portrait BW) [to see a larger version click image]

Then this morning I started to play with the photo in black & white and added a little vignetting (dark oval border) to the photo. For a good explanation about vignetting click here. I like sometimes leaving an image for a day or so then come back to it and continue editing, its like seeing it again with new eyes.

Have a great weekend everyone.

A Girl a Horse & a Secret

A Girl a Horse & a Secret

A Girl a Horse & a Secret

We have an exchange student living with us for a few weeks. My wife arranged for her to have sometime horse back riding at our friends farm. After she had ridden the horse I managed to capture this shot.