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Fall a Glorious Season

Canadian Geese

Fall A Glorious Season – Canadian Geese

Thanks giving weekend here in Canada allowed time for a walk in the park and the opportunity to capture the beginnings of a glorious season. When we hear the call of the Canadian geese overhead we know that it’s either spring or fall. In either case it is beautiful.


Chipmunk – Fall Tastes Great

Fall Tastes Great

Chipmunk - Fall Tastes Great

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Coming out of church one Sunday morning I spotted a chipmunk who looked like he was stuffed. Lucky for me I had my camera. I am noticing more and more that I am seeing images that I would love to capture however I don’t have a camera with me.

How many of you always carry a camera wherever you go?

Wind Mill & Big Sky

Wind Mill & Big Sky

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Took this picture last fall as part of an idea I had for a four seasons project. Unfortunately when I went back I noticed that a new housing development was begin constructed. Still this is a nice memory for me.

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