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St. George’s Memorial Church

 St George's Anglican Church

St George’s Anglican Church, Oshawa Ontario

I love these old buildings and their history. When I was in this church I could not help but stop and wonder about the people and families that attended this church. What were all their stories, their hopes, their lives, who they were the generations etc. Sometimes I wish these buildings could speak to us about all that they have seen.

Here is there web site ( you would like to find out more about this church


The Concept of Wedding

Concept of Wedding

Concept of Wedding – [click to view larger image]

Both of these were taken as part of a class that I am taking. As I was waiting to take a turn shooting our happy copule, I started to play with the my camera. I then changed my persecutive as well as my focus and came up with these two shots. I did a little editing in LightRoomwhere I changed the saturation and vibrance levels.

Dearly Beloved - the Wedding

Dearly Beloved – the Wedding – [click to view larger image]

The end result was that these were not part of our assignment however these were more for me. I am learning to use a shorter lens thanks to a good friend of mine Ann. You can see her work at

Thanks Ann for helping me.