Corporate Christmas

Corporate Christmas

Corporate Christmas

Walking to work this morning I saw this Christmas tree infront of a local TV station. The Christmas tree makes the area look a little more festive. I got to thinking many people have taken a picture of this tree. I loved this Christmas tree yet I wanted to do something different, not just add a filter and upload it to Instagram. So I took a moment to walk around the tree to take it all in. I must admit I did feel a litte silly at first. I then saw the building in the background and like how the lines were all converging upwards. So angling myself and ignoring the people who were staring I took the photo.

…and yes added a filter and posted it to Instagram. 🙂


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  1. This image is beautiful. Great composition and I like the way you framed the scene at an angle and the way the building reflects into itself. Isn’t it great that when we see something we want to photograph, everything around us (the onlookers) fade into nothingness and we photograph with no hesitation or shame?

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