Playing in Post Silhouette

Ever take a photo that just does not look quite right. When this occurs what I like to do is instead of tossing it in the trash bin, I use that image to experiment a little. Try something creative like add different filters in LightRoom or play with it in Photoshop. This is exactly what happened in this case here. I did not like the original photo as I found there was no contrast between the family and the sky, everything seemed to just blend together.

So I began adding filters but nothing really jumped out at me. Then being a little frustrated started to go crazy with the slider bar settings in LightRoom, when I started to see this image come out. I liked the effect of turning this image into a silhouette with some light shining through the arms. I then searched the internet for some clever saying using the term “family”. I then added the text from the internet in Photoshop, cleaned the image a little and voila.

I took a photo that was going to the trash and it became something kinda nice. This family can now use it as the cover to their photo album.

I don’t always have a vision when I start to experiment, really enjoy just letting things happen.

Note to self: Take more time to enjoy the process and experiment more.



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  1. Very good post Luc! 🙂

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