Posing Wedding Rings

Here are a few of my experiments for posing wedding rings. I will typically use a large aperture (small number) as it will blur the background and draw the viewer’s eyes to the rings. I also try to capture a feeling with the rings by adding the newlyweds. They are not the main subject of these shots so they are not always in focus. Play with light on the rings for added effects, watch your backgrounds and remember that this is fun. You can experiment at home first.

Rings unlike other models don’t get tired. 🙂


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  1. My husband and I took our own shot impromptu on our wedding afternoon. We went back to the hotel and they had readied our room leaving the windows open for fresh air. The white curtains billowed and the blue sky glowed beyond. We held our touching hands up at an angle, almost like a salute to our bright future. It’s one of my favorite shots with the flowing curtains, blue sky, angle of the window frame and our arms and hands with our rings. 🙂 Not so classical as your lovely shots, but full of life.

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