Bride & Bouquet

Bride & Bouquet

Bride & Bouquet

Bride & Bouquet, this shot was taken as we were waiting for our golf carts to arrive. The bride and I were chatting about the service and the guests. Since I was there to take pictures, I began to walk around her and get some detailed shots. As I took shots of her, her dress, etc. I continued to ask her questions about the guests and her family, this get her to relax allowing me to shoot around her. I was able to compose just by using the available light an background.

This is one of my favorites from this day, to me this photo shows her strength and at the same time I can see her feminine side.


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  1. Great image! One of the things I like about wedding photography is trying to get the less obvious shots, and you’ve done that superbly here! 🙂

  2. Beautiful image. When I used to shoot weddings, I was always on the lookout for these creative, unique images. I heard once at a seminar that the speaker would always take a couple of images for himself at any event he photographed. Good philosophy I think.

  3. Gorgeous and unique shot. I love how the drape of her dress softens it, and I can see her strength too. It’s nice to be secondary photographer at events. I often take that role and catch some wonderful moments. The main photographer is trapped by the traditional checklist and just can’t be there, and like you say, you have time to catch relaxed shots.

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