Summer Ride

Summer Ride

Summer Ride

Was at the beach laying down when I saw this bicycle leaning against the tree. This got me thinking about my bike when I was younger and how summers seemed so glorious. For me my summer evolved around my bike, my bike gave me freedom, I could ride to see my friends hang out then we would all ride together. We would ride to go swimming, to the park to play, to friends houses, we would even ride them on trails. It was truly a wonderful time.

The other interesting thing about this photo is that I had completely changed my perspective, which produced an interesting result.

Sorry about the delay in post however live is making me very busy and so I may not be posting as often but I will continue to post.



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  1. Ahhhh, great post. Love the perspective of the bike against the tree. I often find myself getting into a photographic rut, so it’s always inspiring and encouraging to see how others shoot creatively.

    Love the sentiments that go along with the image. Summer is truly magical.

    • Thanks, it was neat how all the pieces just fell into place. Laying on a blanket at the beach was something everyone was doing so I did not feel weird. I had time to setup the shot and I am happy with the result.

  2. jumpingpolarbear

    Memories of falling of that hehe :).

  3. Great shot and explanation of nostalgia. I set aside my bike at 15 and picked one up again at 30. It liberated me all over again and has become one of my greatest companions and joys in life again. I’ve been inspired by the Tour de France this July once again, and I just took a glorious ride on the trail to the lake after work last night. I love that your heart still treasures those moments!

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