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This slide show contains before and after images where I show the original shots and the post process effect. I started to experiment with some simple shots then using Picasa’s online editing tool “Creative Kit” I managed to make these. My goal was to focus the viewer’s attention to the flower(s) and hopefully have them explore the flower(s) itself.

After a great suggestion from Linda who blogs over at here is the image updated.

Flower Updated

Flower Updated


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  1. Very nice. It’s amazing what a difference just a little bit of adjustment can make. I really like the “after bouquet”, but then, I’m partial to pink and close-ups.

    Just one little suggestion, if you don’t mind??? In the adjusted image of the white flower there’s still a small white area just above and a little to the right of the main flower. If you darkened it, or eliminated it, I think the image would be even stronger.

    • I love all suggestions… I am learning and experimenting. Love your comments and insight, thank you.

    • Hey Linda, I updated and posted another version of the image, your right it looks better. This was done quickly as I am not at my home computer at the moment, but I like the idea.

      Thanks Again.

  2. Oh yes!! makes a great image look even better. Now your eye goes to the flower and stays there. Thanks for being understanding about the suggestion.

  3. Did you also brighten the flower in the update or did you only darken the background more? I could swear it is brighter. Very nice use of adjustments and effects. These are the types of shots that benefit much from it. I sometimes have trouble with landscapes that are highly manipulated, as they seem to lose the natural beauty, but here you are just getting things out of the way so the natural beauty shines through.

    • Actually all I did was use a black brush to cover over the white spot in the background and a little on the sides. I guess with all our attention being focused on the center white flower it will seem brighter.

  4. Thanks so much for showing my link on your repost. Not trying to be a pill, but it’s “.com”, not “.ca” I only mention it in case someone reading your blog might want to venture over to mine.

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