The Concept of Wedding

Concept of Wedding

Concept of Wedding – [click to view larger image]

Both of these were taken as part of a class that I am taking. As I was waiting to take a turn shooting our happy copule, I started to play with the my camera. I then changed my persecutive as well as my focus and came up with these two shots. I did a little editing in LightRoomwhere I changed the saturation and vibrance levels.

Dearly Beloved - the Wedding

Dearly Beloved – the Wedding – [click to view larger image]

The end result was that these were not part of our assignment however these were more for me. I am learning to use a shorter lens thanks to a good friend of mine Ann. You can see her work at

Thanks Ann for helping me.


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  1. I love these images. Shallow dof is an awesome tool, and you did a great job with these.

  2. Interesting shots. I would’ve appreciated one like the first one, of my wedding, though there would’ve been roses not pews. We were in a garden. Not sure how many brides would tune in to the concept, but for me there were many abstract things that day, and emotion was the most important thread. Somehow the pews as concrete and the couple out of focus works to capture that feeling. I use a short lens by force of economics. It can be great as well as limiting. I envy my brother with the DSLR and long range lens and he envies me my quick shots and versatility. The Nikon Cool Pix 6000 has been a good friend. 🙂

  3. I love images where the focal point isn’t the focal point (if you see what I mean…) I’ve taken some myself, and think they can be really effective. Your first image does exactly that and works really well! Great shooting!

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