Chipmunk – Fall Tastes Great

Fall Tastes Great

Chipmunk - Fall Tastes Great

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Coming out of church one Sunday morning I spotted a chipmunk who looked like he was stuffed. Lucky for me I had my camera. I am noticing more and more that I am seeing images that I would love to capture however I don’t have a camera with me.

How many of you always carry a camera wherever you go?


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  1. i tried to carry my camera everywhere but then i fail cuz its too much hassle to carry one. I try using my ipod but then it is only good during the day or places with great lighting.

  2. I have my camera with me almost everywhere I go, and when I don’t (like today when my husband needed it) it drives me crazy. It is amazing what you see in those moments that you don’t have it handy. Although sometimes it’s nice to get out from behind the lens and just enjoy the moment. I love to share, but it can be fun occasionally to have some memory pictures to treasure as only yours.

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