Catchlight, Capturing your Subject’s Eyes

Studio - catchlight

There is an expression that says, “Eyes are the windows to the soul”. When taking a picture we tend to search the photo for the subjects eyes. There are two things I like to do when I photograph a subject, including pets.

The first is to make sure that eyes are in focus. We tend to search out a photo and look for the subject’s eyes. The second thing is to have some light reflected in the eyes. This will in turn make your subjects eyes come alive. The term for this is called catch light (or catchlight). You can do this either by using the ambient light around you or using artificial light. If you need to produce this light in your subject’s eyes try to place your light to either side of your subject just above the iris.

When the eyes come alive you help the viewer connect with your subject. Keep this in mind next time you are taking a picture of your loved ones, take a moment to see their eyes and catch the light. 🙂

Here are some examples, click any of the photos to see a larger version of the image:

As always please feel free to leave me your comments or critiques.


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