Photography Playing With Light


Tree Boy

When the sun goes down do you put your camera away thinking all the best light is gone? Being on vacation this past week has given me the opportunity to explore night photography a little more. Night photography and long exposures will require a little more gear and planning but the results are interesting and fun. With long exposures you need to have a stable camera any little shake will show up in the picture. The wind blowing the camera strap or pressing the shutter release can blur your picture.

Tree Boy: Here is what I did for this shot. I mounted the camera on my tripod (note: I could have used a near by pick-nick table) set the camera  exposure 30 seconds, apature f10 and ISO of 800. I set the auto timer to 2 seconds this will reduce camera shake of me pressing the shutter release.

Then using a flash my son and I ran around the tree triggering the flash on branches and it’s trunk. Then I had my son stand infront of the tree and trigged the flash once on him. The effect is that anywhere we used the flash appears lit.

My son loved doing this, he then tried this a few more times and has asked me if we can do this again when we get home.


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