Window Light Portraiture

Using light from a window to create a split light effect

How to get great light on your subject?

One simple and cost effective (aka cheap) technique that I love to use indoors is window light. Window light provides more natural results and can be controlled or diffused very easily with what you have around the house. If the light is not exactly what you are looking for you can diffuse / control the light by using curtains, blinds, or paper.

Wax paper is my favorite paper to work with as one we always have a roll of it around the house and secondly it can diffuse harsh light well. If you need to add light simply use a reflector to bounce light on your subject. This is easy to do by using some white Styrofoam again inexpensive and easy to find.

In the end experiment try different focal lengths, window sizes, reflector positions or no reflector at all. Try different poses, shoot head and shoulders and 3/4 or full length poses. Look at the different room in your home and see how the light falls in that room.

Here are couple of photos took using only simple window light.

using window light only


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