Change your perspective

The other day I came across a an abandoned soccer ball that had seen better days. Got me thinking of the movie “Toy Story” and how the toys felt abandoned when the children grew up, my intent was to capture that feeling.

Step 1:

The Start of an Idea

Step 1: The Start of an Idea


So I lifted my camera and fired off a quick snapshot. From where I was standing not putting much thought in to the shot, it shows.







Step 2:

Step 2

Step 2: Change you perspective


Next I walked around the subject (ball) and looked from all angles including getting low and standing as I high as I could. While I walked around I was looking for an interesting background that would help give context and express the emotion. I was looking to reduce the clutter that would distract from the feeling / story I wanted to show. I got low and took this photo.






End of the season

End of the season


After looking at the result on the back of my camera I started to see what I was looking for. I then adjusted my filter a circular Lens Polarizer to make the sky a little darker. I got really low lying on my stomach on the field, I framed the shot an saw the tower in the background moved a little to the left to cut it our of the frame.

I did feel a little silly lying on my stomach in the middle of a soccer field lucky for me only my Dad was there with me. Here is the final result which I really liked. I feel that this gives me the feeling that this ball’s life is over and will lie here all winter alone.

I could have cropped it closer however I like the way the shadow falls.


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  1. circular polarizer really added to the mood. nice!

    • Thanks, when I first bought it I was not sure that it would make that big a difference. I have been pleasantly surprised.

      Thanks again for leaving a comment.

  2. Great shot! I like outdoor photography and I haven’t tried changing my perspective when I use my camera. But I will see what I can do about that in the future.

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